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Welcome to the In Progress website of K4RLC Bob. This is a pretty basic website, but the result of a few minutes work, and from someone who hates to read manuals. I know, RTFM. Later....

    This website will present my diverse interests, outside of my professional life. Amateur Radio is the primary one. I have been interested in amateur radio since I was about 12 years old. Its engineering and technical approach to problem solving continues to assist me in my work with neurologic patients. My other interests include Geology, Photography, and volunteering for Disaster Relief work after disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina. I am also still a big fan of the University of North Carolina basketball team. I graduated from UNC in 1972. If you want to check out my professional career, please visit CarolinaCNS.COM That's what pays for the radios.

Have 2 QTHs: Raleigh, North Carolina and Windy Hill, South Carolina.

Below is a photo of portable ops from the beach at Windy Hill.

Below is portable ops from Grandfather Mountain, NC.  Rig is FT-817. Code key is strapped to my wrist. Operating in 50 MPH winds, close to the edge

Email: k4rlc@earthlink(dot)net

Here are links to a few interesting articles or presentations of mine: 

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