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But for great information, visit the website of the American Radio Relay League, our national organization.

To become a radio amateur in the US, one has to pass one or more exams from the Federal Communications Commission. I am currently licensed as an Extra class (highest licensure class) operator, which gives me access to all the available radio modes and frequencies. My favorite mode is CW (Continuous Wave). This is the old fashioned Morse Code. CW is the original digital mode. CW requires the least amount of equipment, the lowest power and the flimsiest antennae - and will still get through under the worst conditions.

As can be seen from other pages on this site, I am very interested in Emergency radio operations. I am an Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Wake County (NC) ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services). I was appointed as an Official Emergency Station. I am also a mentor and teacher for both regular ham radio and emergency radio classes.

Some people consider ham radio a hobby; some consider it a service; and even some consider it a passion. I consider it all of the above.